The power is within you

The Atlantis jewelry pieces are empowerment tools that help bring the vibrations of your thoughts into harmony and balance. However, your intention, your thoughts and your actions are still the most powerful elements to bring alignment, harmony and spiritual protection around you. The concept behind the Atlantis ring does not represent any particular religion or faith, it is a universal symbol of connection to the light and pure energy source.

Atlantis Ring and Atlantis Pendant

What is included with your Atlantis Jewelry

Once you place an order for an Atlantis ring or other Atlantis jewelry, if your size is not available in stock, it will be shipped to you within a period of approximately 7 to 15 working days. Some clients prefer to have their jewelry made in the period between the new moon and the full moon. Nevertheless, with experience and feedback I found that the Reiki charge on the ring will infuse such positive energy that it doesn't matter its production period. Once the jewerly is made, we need a few days to carefully finish, polish and Reiki charge it if requested ( at no extra cost ).
You will be receiving the following:





The Atlantis Ring

Atlantis ring

Atlantis Ring
$ 92 - Sterling Silver




The Atlantis Pendant

Atlantis Pendant
$ 79- Sterling Silver




The Atlantis Bracelet

Atlantis Bracelet

Atlantis Bracelet
$ 180 - Sterling Silver
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Atlantis Bracelet Antique

Atlantis Bracelet Antique
$ 190 - Sterling Silver Order Now




Atlantis Pendant Textured

Atlantis Pendant with Texture
$ 60 - Sterling Silver
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